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A message from Sydney

"*deep breath*. Where do I even start? Have I told you yet that you can sit with us? 

I prayed you'd find your way here. No, really. 


I created this with you in mind. The majority of my life I felt like I lived in a world where I had to fit in certain molds to be seen, heard, appreciated, loved and worthy. Whether it was social molds, religious molds, motherhood molds, there was a narrative that if I didn’t fit into a specific box I wasn’t quite worthy. I felt as though I was constantly missing the mark of life acceptance. It was suffocating, always trying to keep up or show up in ways that felt...just not me. 


I didn't let my voice be TOO heard, or my laugh TOO loud. I silenced my spiritual ideas because they were TOO different. I stifled my dreams because they were TOO big. Everything about me seemed a little TOO much for anyones lunch table of life. 


I didn't sit with anyone, but if I did I was evolving to fit their appropriateness (is that a word?).

Until I realized I could build my own lunch table. A lunch table with laughter so loud it was never too loud. With voices so accepting ideas were applauded. With dreams so exciting all you could hear were the cheerleaders. 

I wanted a lunch table where you didn't have to wonder if there was a seat for you, because it was already SAVED for you. 

Womanhood, motherhood, manhood, it doesn't matter the hood, can be...confusing. But where you sit shouldn't be. Because you can ALWAYS sit with us. 


Here, you're wanted.   

xx, Sydney.